pic: Team 612 hurdles at NASA/VCU

Chantilly Robotics Team 612 fires a trackball over the overpass at the end of qualifications at the NASA/VCU FIRST Robotics Regional in Richmond, VA on Saturday, March 9, 2008

This was the first of our many hurdles to come. Thursday and Friday we spent a lot of time fixing our elevator and shooting mechanisms. Once we came into Saturday we got about 3 hurdles every match we played. With some more practice we can bring this amount up at the Buckeye regional.

Lets just say we used Thursday and friday as days to extend our build season. Once it was finished it was ready to go on Saturday. It sure was fun surprising all the scouts in the stands after our first match on Saturday. We went from being 49th place on friday night to 29th on Saturday. Also from being a non-contender robot on friday to the 4th overall pick in the playoffs.

that blue ball looks deflated…

Yeah I was watching the VCU webcast. You guys did really well. And from 49th to 29th? Thats pretty good.

It was damaged and replaced after the match. Our field crew, led by Glen Davis, was awesome!


your explanation says a lot. when we scouted and checked our video, we were wondering where the heck that awesome scoring bot came from. Out of nowhere! :eek:

Wait - they let that ball, in that deflated state, sit there through the whole match? :eek:

I don’t know many bots that could effectively pick up and hurdle a half deflated track ball. :confused:

Can you see the time on the clock, behind the red flag? I can’t read it, but it looks like a single digit to me. Perhaps the crew didn’t have enough time to get a new trackball introduced into play.

We had one match were we replaced the trackball during the match, and one where it died near the end and there was no time left for it to get really flat. I guess this is the one with no time left.

this is probably the match with something less than eight seconds left because i remember the driver for 612 getting the robot in position with about eight seconds and then i realized that i could take my time to hit the fire button

and yes a lot of teams were surprised on saturday when 612 came out firing with three hurdles in this match and almost a fourth one early on (but the ball fell out just we were going to hurdle)…guess that just means dont count a team out until the alliance selections begins

How long does it take you guys to charge your tanks after a shot? How much pressure do you need to get the ball over? It seems that with two huge cylinders, you’d be spending quite a lot of time waiting for air.

we have enough air if we have to take a lap
but if we dont it takes about eight seconds for full pressure and we dont need full pressure because the robot is usually moving forward, if the bot is at a standstill we can operate after abou 5 or 6 seconds

Looking at the full resolution photo, that shot was taken with 4 seconds remaining.

We had plenty of buzzer beater hurdle shots including one great one with 384 in the quarter finals.

3:19 of this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zy9pGEo7W9E