pic: Team 617 Robot Remp (Inventor)

This is the Team 617 Ramp for the robot. We havent figured out what to do for the middle ramp yet.

This is the Team 617 Ramp for the robot. We havent figured out what to do for the middle ramp yet.

What do you guys think? The first pic is how the robot will start. and the second pic is how the ramps will open. The arm will be on the other side of the ramps.

Weight a minute…

no pun intended.

How big are those bad boys?

How heavy are they and what is that material?

BTW nice design, not too many ramps than big.

yea when i first saw that my first thought was “over weight”… i second the question above what material are you using? looks very nice though. very similar to one of our concept designs.

All 3 platforms unfolded are about 97 inches by 35 5/8 inches

(35 inches per platform and 27 for the middle part)

The ramps are 35 inches by 35 inches each.

The material is alluminum and the hinges are steel.

The holes take out a lottt of weight… so the robot is not overweight. & We are in the 4 foot category

Oh & ill post how heavy they are tomorrow… because I dont remember right now. There’s also an arm (which will add weight) and heavy tank treads.



wow 352=60… so you mean that the wheel base of your robot is only 12 inches wide? i dontrsuppose that part of the ramp is in the wheels so isnt that way outside of the siize limits? i mean the 7272 limit not the 28*38 one.

im just bringing this up because that was the whole reason our team scrapped the idea of lifting 2 robots at once.

edit: nvmd just saw answer but i still think that there could be a future to this.

The 72" limit only applies to the robot outside of the home zone. As long as they release the ramp inside that area then it is completely within the rules.

Thats really clever.
Allowing two robots to jump on at the same time, instead waiting in line.

But after opening the ramp, are you not going to be outside the homezone?
or do i have to go back and read the rule book :smiley: ?

nice metal work, you guys ever think of the hoels in the other direction to add traction to the climbing robots? as in like metal angled surfaces around slippery places like steps to get into big machines and such?

I see why you were asking to punch holes. It looks good. Double ramps are always nice :D.

What is the angle of the ramps? Will other teams robots make it up? If you recall last year the ramp was at a 30 degree angle was a little difficult for some robots to get on.

I’m not sure about final dimensions, cuz the arm and the middle ramp have to be added.

The distance from the top of the platform to the ground is 12.5 inches. So, the degree of elevation will be around 21 degrees.

I don’t know exactly what we are doing to make the climb easier for other robots. We are doing something to make friction higher… not really sure what.

The homebase is 96 by 320 inches. We will definately be able to unfold in that area.

The wheel base is about 27.5 feet

This year, we are doing things backwards. Everyyear, we have been building the frame first and then building everything else to fit in the frame. This year, we have everything built except the frame.

We have a lot of people drilling a lot of holes. We have people apoxying (is that how tis spelled?) (the really strong glue) The ramp pieces together. We have rivets everywhere and by the end of this week, we are hoping to have most of the robot built

unfolded it resembled last years ramp to me… very nice work… with an arm (especially if its one that works well) you will be a force to be reckoned with… cheers

The robot is about 8 pounds overweight. We are doing a lot to take as much weight as possible.

how about the middle section of the platform? i see no threat of a robot goign ontop of your stuff that much that you need all that metal there to protect it.

I made a mistake. The middle ramp is actually 24 inches by 37.625 inches.

So, the entire platform section folded is 94 inches by 37.625 inches

All the ramps together will be 35 inches by 94 inches. We dont have any part for the middle ramp yet

So, the entire robot unfolded will be 72.625 inches by 94 inches.

We are thinking of using rat traps to open up the ramps. Not sure yet

we are using .032 3003 aluminum w/ aluminum hinges, total it weighs about 40 lbs