pic: Team 617 Robot

This is the team 617 robot

This is the highland springs robot

We got the weight of our robot 1.5 pounds under max weight for the 4 feet category. Our robot’s height is about 47 7/8 inches… It scored on middle and bottom goal and it lifts up 2 robots. How does it look?

Looks pretty slick guys, what’s the ramp degree?

you should probably open up the ramp as close to the wall as possible to avoid robots from falling off the other end. other than that looks good

looks very solid. Good luck in competition.

I hope you have some spare arms!


Looks great.
I hope you are going to cap the ends of the legs to keep from damaging the carpet if you happen to get moved.

The ramp is about 20 degrees.
We made sure that the legs don’t hurt the carpet.

Oh, and we are going to make plenty of spare parts.