pic: Team 620 jumps the 6" platform


after much trial and redesign, we got up the 6" platform! now to hang from the bar…

from left to right: me, our rathion programer :rolleyes: , jen and chris (with controls).

it hangs quite well ( http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/pictures.php?action=single&picid=6556 ); from all the way up till it hits the ground after it was disabled was 9.6 seconds. from what i understand it has to be up there for 10 :frowning: . but anyway id say it works, we may need to add a latch at VCU. the arm can grab the bar from the floor (not the 6" step) but it cant angle right so we will have to go up anyway. the lift is 2 stage genie style with #25 chain and the van door motor. it is built out of 1" aluminum extrusion with the teflon slider dealies.

you cant see it very well but we got some nifty red coil tubing to go up to the top stage where there are 2 regulators, 3 pistons, and 2 2position valves. the compresser and storage tanks are on the chassie.

my electronics are in there and mounted and work well ( so far ). i lost a half a pound when i choped the 40amp breaker in half, took 1/3rd off the distribution block, and took out 4 feet of #6 wire :smiley: . we dont realy need that backup battery, do we?? :wink:

so the last time it weight in was 132.4 lbs, we didnt get a chance to weigh it agein before we shiped but we have a box with 5 pounds of stuff in it that we took off. not including all of the filings :rolleyes:

hope to see you all at richmond VCU. good luck all. jacob

I think you have to use it, but im not sure on that.