pic: Team 624 2009 Final and Prototype Robot together.

624 was at the Houston Scrimmage with the practice bot and I was impressed.

I didn’t even realize that it was the practice bot until I saw this picture.

Well yeah, we HAD to make another after our protobot got irreparably damaged by our driver ramming into ya’ll! Lol actually this is one of the first years (very first?) we’ve been able to build a completely working proto and final bot. So far we’ve been pretty happy with both, although we still have a few kinks to work out. See you at Lone Star right?

Nice looking bot, one question, how many balls does that beast hold. Also,do have any different views.

Congrats on ya’lls win at Bayou. Your ball capacity and quick scoring definately kept your alliance well ahead of the others. See you in a few days at Lone Star.

Does anyone have a vid of this team in action, it seemed to have pwned at Bayou. Congrats guys on the win.