pic: Team 624 and CRyptosaur

That is probably the coolest photoshop-job ever.

Nice work.


[Obligatory] OMG WATER GAME!!!

Wait, teams are already planning for next year?

BTW, awesome photoshopping and awesome bot.

Very nice. I like the partial submersion.

The machine looks better in person ! But the photo shop work is insane, did you use a tutorial to do this?

Saw great mini-bot play from 624 in the practice matches.

Beautiful. One of the coolest intros to a robot that I’ve ever seen.

Congratulations on the Engineering Excellence Award, guys.


The picture looks fantastic. The webcast has been a bit sketchy for me, but it looks like you all have an excellent bot. We can’t wait to play with you in Denver and see this thing close up.

Thanks to all!

Two of our team alumni created this image without a tutorial, I believe. They do crazy things with photoshop.

We’re exctied for Denver, too. Ready to see Team Titanium in action…

It’s about time.

Nice photoshop work! Just shop in 190’s 2K7 robot in the sky with ramps unfolded and you’ve got the start of a pre-historic robot montage…