pic: Team 637 Completed!

After 6 weeks of Blood, Sweat and Cutting oil here it is!

Good luck to all teams!


im just asking, is there any sort of telescoping part of that arm so you get more height out of it? from that picture i can’t tell.

Yes… old topic but there is. It has a winch and pulley system that it telescopes on. We’ve actually modified it a bit on the end because it was being weird during the matches. I’ll try to post some pics from the matches, or some better pictures soon. :slight_smile:

And yes… we use duct tape for everything. :smiley:

We have these lights attached to our cart and today the ground went screwy and our cart was smoking. People thought we had a fog machine but we were like <_< yeah… our wires were shriveling lol. Also our safety advisor dude cut himself with an exacto (the only person to get hurt so far – funny though… safety advisor…)

We also had to sand down our wheels because we were using high friction wheels so we couldn’t turn (tank drive -_-)

If you don’t understand it’s because I’m delerious from getting up at 5:00 in the morning and getting home pretty late. :smiley:

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I’ve gone crazy <_< I don’t think first is safe for our mental states tears hair out