pic: Team 649 M-SET Fish Presents: MANTA

Team 649 is proud to present our robot for FIRST Stronghold: MANTA

Thanks to all of the mentors, parents, teachers, and sponsors who made our build season possible!

You can view more pictures here:

Huge Thanks to Saratoga High School Senior Luke Salin for taking the time to give us a professional photoshoot at 11 pm before Bag and Tag

Quick MANTA info:
-10 wheel WCD using WCP pneumatic wheels
-Intakes can center ball from anywhere along frame into the shooter head
-Intakes defeat all Active defenses
-Shooter pivots far back to increase height of release
-Custom flywheels to maximize Moment of Inertia
-pivot gearbox uses 2 775pros with a ~972:1 reduction and friction brakes

We’d love to answer any questions you may have!

Can I ask how the intake disables the drawbridge and the sally door? I don’t see any obvious mechanisms there.

A typo there, what we meant was all active defenses excluding the drawbridge/ sallyport.

No worries!

The term you are looking for is “Class A Defenses”

Best of luck, great looking bot!


Excited to see you guys play at madera. Any video available?

I like that you are sub 16, but appear to have a shot much harder to block than most teams.

As others have said, there is no actual mechanism for opening the sallyport or drawbridge. I avoided saying class A defenses because we have been practicing defeating the sallyport and drawbridge by going through backwards, quickly releasing contact of the defense, and then driving back through. It was more thoroughly discussed in a Q&A a while back. We only plan to do this in a pinch, however.

So what I should have said was “Class A defenses, and maybe Class C if the referees are feeling generous and our drivers get enough practice” :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot. We figured if were to be a lowbar capable bot that shot high goals, we needed to shoot from as high up as possible to prevent defense and improve accuracy

We’re looking forward to playing with you guys and all the best teams in California too! (CVR is extremely stacked this year)

I don’t have any good videos on me right now, but we’ll be going to Bellermine for some full field drivers’ practice this week, and I’ll try to get some video to put up.

Didn’t realize you guys were at CVR until Adam mentioned it. I’ll definitely stop by your pit next Friday for a closer look!