pic: Team 66 Complete

Love the hands on the ball-grabber. :slight_smile:

And although I’d really like to see a clearer pic of it, it looks solid. Good luck!

so-o-o awesome

nice wheels they are hott

Incase you’re wondering, the bots name is Charlie…don’t ask :slight_smile:

How much does that robot weigh?

I really like those wheels! What did you do for “tread” on them? I can’t tell with the blurry picture.

they’re (wooden or rubber(can’t remember which)) blocks that look kind of like a trapezoid, that are screwed on. They work really well.

Jessica, if you happened to go to the UTC regional last year you would know that my team already has the “hands” on the gripper arms copyrighted? Do you remember the bright orange gloves on the 195 bot last year?

Last year I was on FIRST-hiatus, sorry!

Ask others, though :slight_smile:

it has real hands.

Sorry about the poor pic quality. It was 2.4MB but delphi only allows .5MB, so wast reductions had to be made :slight_smile: