pic: Team 66 lifted once, and will lift more

In our final match of the 2007 GLR, we finally got it right. Yes, its a bit blurry, but when I am excited and holding a camera, it happens.

Nonetheless, I’m just happy our bot got progressively better all the way up to the last match… we seriously had a series of unfortunate and unlucky events happen to us.

Oh well, better luck next time! Its FIRST, anything can happen.


PS: again, congrats to the winners, you guys kicked butt, and to those who used spoilers, KUDOS!!!

So what happened on your other chances of lifting?

It was either A. The others couldn’t get up (matches 1-4) B. The tubes wouldn’t flip up (match 5 or 6) or C. The tubes would flip up, activate, but then slip (matches 6 or 7). Before match 8 we went to the practice field to work out the strategy, and thats when it all worked out. Now we have a strategy for Buckeye… :rolleyes:

Cool beans. We got our teammates to the practice field with us to test to see if they could drive up.

very nice guys… you guys did a great job.