pic: Team 66: New wheels


NO WAY!!! :ahh:

2 days for four…cut from BIIIGGGG cylinders of aluminum

but still beautiful

We made our own wheels last year.

They sucked. No offense to the designer of them. I mean, they looked cool, but it’s so much easier to use stock wheels.

I will say though, they look nice, and if you can get them to work on your robot and look stylish, props to you guys. For me though, I’ll take some Bead-Lok wheels any day :-).

Hmm…66, and 67 with custom wheels this year? Will other GM teams follow your example? Very nice as usual you guys.

So now if next model year Chevys and Pontiacs have rims similar to that you’d know where they got the idea from! :smiley:

I hope you made spares!!

One basic rule that our team tries tro follow is that if we make “custom” parts re: not “off the shelf” then we usually make plenty o’ spares!!

Just in case!!