pic: Team 662 05 Dirve Train 2


Drive Train as of Saturday 1/29/05 weight 55 LBS!!

Looks great! I love the custom wheels. Very nice. How fast is it geared to go? And how much, if at all, did you lower the center wheel?

On a separate note, this year appears to be the year of the 6 wheel. It worked so well for 254/60/22/etc I get the distinct feeling that we will see a lot of 6 wheels in 05’

sweet, i remember your inventor drawing for 6WD awhile ago, good too see it actually come into affect this year! see ya out on the field.

Speed 7.6 FPS Center wheel is 1/8" Lower

Which would make your ground clearance what?

Looks like less than 1/2" …

Ground clearance is 1/2 in center, 3/8 front and back. Wheels are 5" Dia. We are going to make 6" wheels this week.

I like the “smallness” of the gearboxes and how they fit back to back so well with lots of space between. What does the 55 lbs include (electronics and battery too?) Also, how thick is the sheet metal?

55 LBS as shown (includes Battery) sheet metal is 1/16"

We had 1/16" thick chassis channel like that last year, I hate to tell you but the perimeter got the living #$#$% beat out of it. It caved in like a tin can, and not even in rough play. We ended up putting 1.5x1.5x1/4 angle around the top, on the front and back. That helped but even that got caved in. You might be OK if you put a bunch of noodle foam around it. Also having those wheels outside the envelope without some kind of fenders or protection might get the shafts bent when you take a side smacking. Sorry if I’m annoying you, just want to be helpful.

But other than that, this is a very clean nice design, nice light gearboxes. G/L

is that got the back 2 and the front wheel powered seperately? i can’t see that well lol
looking nice though, good/bad to see that other teams have got lots built :rolleyes:

Frame is 1/8" bottom pan is 1/16’

It is tank drive. The three wheels on each side turn together.

I am pretty sure 254/60 did this with a high degree of success so I wouldn’t be too worried. BTW it looks very nice and well organized.

60/254’s four corner wheels were protected with a roundstock bumper that spanned the full width limit in the front and rear last season. Check old pictures on CD and on teams’ websites if you want to see how it looked.


The gearbox was made like that just because of last year’s box, it was a royal monstrosity, took forever to build, and weighed a ton. We deliberately tried to stay away from that this year.

WHat do the spikes do? :confused:

Spikes are for the arm.