pic: Team 665 - Fanntom

Here is Team 665’s pretty much finished robot. There is a 22 inch fan/ prop on the back. It can hold about 5 balls in each tower, and can dump all 10 in about 1 - 1.5 sec. The “amoeba” on the top can spit the balls out 2.5 ft, although it’s more designed as a dumper. The fan helps out a tremendous amount with speed and pushing power to make our dumper more effective.

Here’s a better shot of the prop - for those who are interested

I’m going to try to get a video up of it soon running with the fan in the gym. For all of those who said fans weren’t going to be effective, we’ve found that it’s quite the opposite. It accelerates amazingly with the fan, and we think will help to get out of the giant mosh pits in the center. :slight_smile:


Looks great.

Whats the RPM, pitch and thrust of your props?
We went for 2 smaller 16" props with an 8 pitch spinning at 5000 RPM, which gives us ~ 4.8 LBS force.

All hail props :wink:

Are those aviation-grade FAA-approved c-clamps? :slight_smile:

We’re running the prop directly off the CIM because with that size blade we kept tripping breakers trying to gear it up. The pitch is 10, with a special cut on the blades to give it more forward push (I think the blade says 3DA, which we figured out was a 10 pitch). We got about 5 lbs of thrust exactly on our little thrust rig. We do plan on experimenting with an 8 pitch before the regional though.

Yeah, I have a feeling those of us with working props will have a fun time at the regionals. :cool:


I have seen this bot in person…and it rocks…as does the whole team!

Oh of course, specially design and made for us by Lockheed Martin engineers in their super secret testing facilities’ machine shop. And you can see how they migrate around the robot from the second picture (earlier in season) to the first picture. They’re just that awesome. :wink:

Thanks for the vote of confidence. You guys aren’t so bad yourselves :wink: (For all of those that don’t know, 1902 is one of the nicest teams out there, who consistently upholds the mantras of FIRST <-- Add more praise here)

I’m really waiting for a match with SPAM 180 (with or against) so we can have at least two massive fan bots on the field at the same time. I think the sound in the arena alone is going to be great.

Can’t wait to see what Florida brings this year, should be crazy.

Making Absurd Yet Highly Engineered Machines

…let’s both back up to the scoring table and give 'em a little prop-wash :smiley: