pic: Team 665 Ready to Go - Fan Lunacy Teaser

Here is Team 665’s ready to go robot. The sheer awesomeness of the robot is enough to astound. You can see we have a little pivot for the fan, so we don’t even need to have motors on the wheels… we just zoom around the field with the 3 blade prop. And safety cages… pssht who needs those, they just restrict your airflow.

We’ll be bringing this bad boy (or some variation) to the Florida regional and ATL, hope no one has anything that can get caught in a fan blade. :stuck_out_tongue:


Judging by the '07 control board, you have much more free time than we do.

FINALLY!!! A robot that is bumper legal!!!

Except that piece of plywood the motors are attached to is sticking out beyond the bumper perimeter. You may want to get that checked out! :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow… ive seen a lot of pretty interesting bots this year… but this is one of the most unique… i would have never thought of using prop blades as propultion until now.

Good luck

I’ve seen a lot of robots that have the basic “refridgerator” look going - box on wheels with ball vomiter. This… this is unique. I hope it works out for you! :smiley:

We need to talk about robot safety.

Those weights need to be properly secured, you could break a toe.

With something as awesome as that, who cares about safety!?!

How is this going to turn?

or shot your eye out

Yes it’s nice to joke about that, but that prop spinning at 3000pm (those are CIM’s right), with what looks like at least a 2:1 step up which give you 6000rpm, or 100 rps (revolution per second), and lets say its about a one foot in diameter so it moves at about 100 fps (100 fps= 68.18 mph)
So it should be secured…

Take it easy, guys. They’ve already posted their protection. http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=73389&highlight=665

Though I think that cake dish may need to be deeper.

Yeah, this was more or less a joke teaser. You can check out the thread that Eric pointed to, it has the actual design. This was a testing stand to see what kind of thrusts we could get out of various setups. We have a standard 6WD drivetrain and the fan is for extra push.

We actually found that the 1:2 ratio lost enough in the belts to where it wasn’t worth it… so we’re going with a 1:1 direct ratio.

The little turning axle running through the Igus pillow block was a testing stand to see what, if any gyroscopic forces would result from turning the prop.

And we’re currently working to make sure we meet all the FIRST recommended specs on safety. IE you can’t stick a finger in the mesh, and if you can it won’t go far enough in to get hit by the blade. We’ll do some measurements tomorrow to find out if we need to make a deep dish pizza pan.

I’ll post a final picture of the conveyor system/ fan o’ doom after build season ends. Let’s just say… it looks decently scary at this point.