pic: Team 665 REAL Chassis, Kinda-Teaser

Here is a semi-teaser of 665’s REAL drivetrain (not the one posted in the Robot Showcase section). 10 points to whoever has x-ray vision and can see through the conveniently placed pieces of 80/20. There is more power/speed to be added to the drivetrain later, just waiting on some pieces to arrive.

To me, It looks like an AndyMark two-speed transmission with servo shift. For the front drive, it looks like car-like steering to allow the robot to turn. :yikes:

That must weigh alot?

Awesome! I was really hoping someone would make a drivetrain like that. Does it have a differential, too?

cool so is weight going to be a issue:yikes:

Front wheel steering should work out great. Nice job!

that looks a wee bit familiar:


looks great. I look forward to seeing how the Ackermann Drives work in competition.

i think theres more there than the Ackerman i think i see a differential between the back wheels…if there isnt 1 then good luck turning without binding…

where did you guys get your differential from?.. i’ve been looking for one of those for one of my go-karts. Also it doesn’t look like you have a huge turning radius with those inside rail of the kop in the way?

there wont be binding created without a differential your treads on your tires will just have to be slick so you can power slide the back end through the turns kinda of like drifting in Need for Speed Underground or Tokyo Drift. Also if you were controlling the rear wheels independently you could program the robot to rotate the wheels at different rpm when executing a turn which would eliminate some of the force exerted on the robot during turns.

The differential is from Northern Tools, we prototyped this design 2 years ago so we already have a good idea of its capabilities. The weight is about the same as our standard 6wd.

if you powerslide through turns then you would risk losing control of your bot which isn’t something to risk plus you will lose time if you have a fast robot because you would have to wait until you regain traction its not much time but every second will help…as for a differential programmed has anyone tried it?

So you used a go-kart diff on the back end? Sweet!

Are you using a homebrew servoset for the steering?

If you have an automotive sponsor (GM, Ford,…) you should see if they can give you a graphic for “Electic Power Steering” or make one yourself. :smiley:

Are you going for autonomous? I guess your putting an encoder at the tire since you won’t be able to figure out (easily) from the shifter how far you’ve gone?