pic: Team 668 chassis frame (empty)

Picture is a couple of weeks old, but I just thought that I’d show this anyways.

It’s our chassis frame with the transmissions attached.
It’s made from 1/8 inch aluminum plate done on a waterjet, then bolted together with .75 inch spacers in between. Outer dimensions of each rail comes out to be 2x1.

End result was a frame that was light, easy for us to get machined, and honestly pretty cool looking. (At least I think so.)

For added structure and simplicity, the bellypan was welded on and is made from 1/8 aluminum plate as well.

Glad to answer any questions.

That is a very unique drivetrain! I never thought about doing WCD style like that. Are the drive sprockets (for chain or belt) intended to be mounted between the plates?

Very similar to ours, including material, thicknesses, and standoff lengths.
We also bought a set with spares of the WCD gearboxes, but instead elected to go with a custom 3 motor one we made.

I don’t know Wasay’s intent behind the design of the drive with respect to sprocket placement, but I’ve been in his shop and seen it enough to confirm that you can include sprocket placement between the plates, though it’ll require some manipulation of the standoffs. It’s a beautiful design regardless. I got to see it drive the other day, and it definitely worked like a charm.

It was definitely an experiment in design for us. The method of construction/fabrication was simply what best lent itself to our resources.

On our final robot, the drive sprockets will not be inside the channel.
However, it was designed with the option for both.
If we used versablocks, the chain run would be internal. We however, decided to go with standard sliding bearing blocks. Mechanical team preferred a non-internal chain run for access purposes.