pic: Team 668 Robot Ramp 3

2 bots or 1? good job looks nice

it {appears} that they will hold one robot on the platform at one end, and the other on the slight ramp that is their robot base. Interesting setup, i hope it works out for you. is it easy for robots to climb you? Nice deployment mechanisms (shown in other pics of this robot, one of the folded up ones…)

Keep it up, dont stop simply because its good enough. Make it better. also, how’s the weight.

it can hold 2 robots. and the “slight base” you mentioned is actually on a hinge that creats a ramp to make it a smaller angle (around 11 degrees) and when the 2nd bot is on it lifts up to be at 13 inches. as for weight, we’re about 2-3 pounds over, but that can be cut off with a few modifications. im trying to get a video of it, we’re finishing up the wrigin this week and ill post a video on youtube when i can get one.

How is your weight? is the robot going to be too heavy

still 2 or 3 pounds over, but we’re not freaking out yet. there’s still lots of time to fiddle around with weight issues. right now we’re programing and cleaning up some wiring. but to answer your question, we are still overweight, but will hopefully be fine for competition.

A couple holes should fix that right up:p