pic: Team 668 Robot Stowed

sweet gripper

Where did you get the Blue treads? I’m guessing its the blue griptop stuff but I can’t seem to find a distributor.

i’ll try to find the part number and distributor for you if you want it. it’s nothing special/different from the other tread that you can buy from anywhere else though…

It’s the blue nitrile roughtop incline conveyor belting from McMaster Carr.

Is that a rotating “wrist” joint on the end of the arm? I like that. Although, that arm could be a lot lighter if you went to 1x1x1/16" box. There’s 1 or 1.5 of your 4 lbs you need to lose.

Yea it can rotate 90 degrees in one direction which is really all you need. It helps for the human loading part and driving around with the tube on…