pic: Team 66's 2007 Bot


This is it… this is 66’s 2007 robot. Sorry the pics were not up on the site, yet, but my coach had some higher quality pictures he has yet to e-mail to me…

Anyways, the red and green lights that were teasers are meant to help the controller know which ramp to deploy. Red is on one side, green on the other. But yeah, that is pretty much it.

Other than that, enjoy!

-Joe :cool:

No arm!? i was atleast figuring somthing similar to your sweet '05 arm.

Agreed. As one of the few teams that came close to capping the center in 2005, I was completely expecting 66 to have a killer arm and autonomous scoring.

This is great looking! How do they get on? (better ramp on back?)
I like the “Stopper”

I’ll join the above in asking where your killer arm is at? Unless it’s deliberately hiding…

The ramps actually fold out from an upright position, and then if you look closely there’s that single pneumatic tube putting 120 PSI worth of force to lift our 2002 national championship bot and the amazing 2005 tetra placing bot. The tube, after the bots go up the ramp, flip up and then are extended, doubling as a stopper in case the robots go nuts. :smiley:

As far as an arm is concerned: we considered it, and in fact it was in the original plans, but #1. we had to be sure the ramps were rigid enough to get the robots up at least 1 foot (2*30==60 points which can only be beat by a row of 6 tubes, or some ridiculous grid on one side of the rack). That led to #2. Weight issues. Lastly, #3. Simplicity for us was very necessary this year.

-Joe :cool:

PS: Sorry about the quality, its from a phone.

Slight correction, not 120 PSI I don’t think, but it is capable of lifting the 120 lb bots…