pic: team 675 has oodles of computers!

Our animation team in front of our render farm

Let me take a guess, are you guys one of the schools that gives out macbooks? Animation team must have a lot of fun with so many!:wink:

Good luck!

I think you guys need to downsize to 1 rendering computer

First off, no we just have a lot of classroom computers…second off—OH GOODNESS NO!!! these take forever as it is :stuck_out_tongue:

What the heck are you rendering?

our animation- just the first 20 seconds XD

Team 1261 has you beat with 1261 MACBOOKS!!! MAUAHAHAHAH.

Nah, not really. But if it counts for anything, next year our school’s getting refitted with projectors and new computers…

We planned on doing this for a while (mentors are from IBM and ABB Automation= free desktops) but decided to downsize to 2 or 3 Core2Quads with 8gb of RAM and decent graphics cards. It really shouldn’t take that long or that much power.

Thats what the 2 desktops can closely equal that. We just want to render it as fast as possible.

I only see nine computers

Are we not including the Macs?

600 frames should take about a minute on that much hardware, even if it is a bunch of laptops and macs.

Something’s wrong.

I render all my videos on a AMD Phenom with 2 GB of ram and 2 geforce 9500s in SLI it is fairly quick

Well make me jealous much. Computing power we had close to the equivalent of 48 computers in there.

Yours is a cool kicker device. Ours is not that fast with the pneamatics. We went with surgical tubing to increase the speed. We have only been able to clear the bump by rolling with lots of top spin. But we have been busy working on a second robot to have one for driving and one for code programing.

We are going to set up one of the computer labs at the uni as a render farm. I think in total it will be 15-20 computers and a few laptops for good measure!

We were talking about Avatar, (It is really popular here in Australia, I think because an Aussie is the lead.) and they could render in real time!!! They had THAT many computers working on it. :eek:

haha i built this computer for gaming a year ago and i adapted it to do video edittiting the parts were about $750, operating system was $130, and the case i just bought was $100

I have no problem rendering in real-time

Oh i think i forgot to mention i have all my videos on a seperate hdd

why don’t you guys get one big computer specifically for your animation team. like a good one loaded up with animation software, and lots of ram and hard drives

Pretty simple, really: Rendering a fairly simple frame or two is pretty quick for one computer, provided that there isn’t motion. But when you get to several hundred or several thousand, with motion in between frames, it’s going to take a long while for one computer. You get a render farm, it’s an overnighter. You get one computer, it’s see you in a couple of days and hope it doesn’t crash.