pic: Team 67's 2005 Robot

This is a picture of you finished robot… we hid all the electronics in the frame this year!

Just kidding… this picture is the best one we have on the whole (practice) bot. It was taken a few weeks ago when we were testing our arm height, before we had gotten it wired and whatnot.


*Just a note. Our end effector is just out of view on the top… you’ll have to wait and see that at Ypsi :cool:


I didn’t know you guys knew the links to our new photo gallery, oh well :stuck_out_tongue:

Gotta love that four bar linkage arm. Great job!

Nice! I think this is the first falling crab robot I’ve ever seen!

Well, we always like to be inovative and try something we’ve never done before… plus we think that drive system willl be very advantagious to our plan this year.

Thanks for the comments guys! :smiley:

and the award for best use of extruded aluminum goes too…

Yet another wonderful job done by the HOT team. I’ve got the chance to see this robot in person. It has an AMAZING drive train this year. The arm on the other hand… was not functional. But the manual motion of the four bar linkage was nice and smooooooooth. Good job. I’ll see you at ypsi when 1504 follows you guys around.

Does look very smooth. Can you use the arm to hold multiple tetras or is having four more for versatility reasons?

love the chassis … cool crab drive too

Just saw your claw design… very good and simple solution! Can you get all 4 tetras on w/o the human player…?

Theres no extruded on our bot… its all 1x (1/16th wall) box aluminum…:confused:

We can get 2 on there very quickly, and lift them without any power loss :smiley:

Thanks Dane. Our arm is perfectly functional now though… don mislead people :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Very nice, how well does the robot hold up from the bounce of being tipped? (onto the 3 by 5 foot base) Did you do anything to help it hold up better?

We actually don’t ‘fall’ persay, we ‘slide’ down the wall like we did last year… though this year it’s a little different :wink:

Whoops, I got extruded and uni-strut mixed up… lol To many long nights at drive practice… (nudge Ken :stuck_out_tongue: )