pic: Team 696 - 2012 Robot

Team 696 the Circuit Breakers from Clark Magnet High School in La Crescenta, California is proud to present the 2012 Rebound Rumble robot: “Queen Hannah’s Revenge”

The robot features 6-motor 8-wheel drive with pneumatic tires, an adjustable angle shooter hood, and a robust deployable/retractable latching bridge/bump crossing mechanism.

See it in action in Long Beach this week!

Very Nice Robot! I have a question about your ball/bridge manipulator. What is the angle of the bar? Does the driver simply run into the bridge for it to move downward with your angle, or is it pushed down? What is your success with it?
Looks great! Good Luck this weekend!

Beautiful robot! What other motor are you using for the drive?

The bar is about 50 degrees from the horizontal. The driver simply drives into the bump. Based on our testing, we expect great success in Long Beach.

We are using four CIMs and two BaneBots 775 motors for the drive.

Wow thats a really nice looking robot. Can’t wait to see it up close on thursday. :slight_smile:

Sweet robot guys! It looks like your best yet! :smiley:

Hey… I recognize that font on your team numbers… Can we expect to see a red version of this robot? :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty impressive and great looking 968…I mean…696 robot.:slight_smile:
Great job on transitioning to a new school (your former one), new job, and adjusting quite well from the looks of it.

Excellent font choice! The robot looks awesome!

Thank you Kiet, that means a lot coming from a former co-mentor (from our days on 968) and a team of your caliber (1538). I thought you’d like it. :wink:

I’ll be honest with you, we had a nascar-like font style in mind, browsed through several hundred fonts, and arrived at this one. I know it’s hard to believe, but we actually made no reference to any other team during our font selection and design process. We also modified the font by hand-drawing in a few details.

Overall, your team (and our former team, 968) have both been a true inspiration to 696. Our students had no idea they were capable of doing such quality work until shown how. The difference is apparent when comparing our robot this year to our robot last year. Due to having several examples of quality work to reference and show, our students were really able to step it up a notch this year. They had no idea they were capable of such quality. Thank you for being a good example and model team.

My four years spent on 968 are finally rubbing off on 696. I think they’re beginning to understand the concept of quality.