pic: Team 696 - Snapdragon - 2014 Robot

Competing at the Central Valley and Los Angeles regionals.


This looks like 696’s best entry yet. I’m loving the photo and the overall presentation of this robot. Would like to see some spec’s on this when you get a chance. Great robot name as well. Good luck.


Thanks for the kind words Drew. The photo was another one of our 12:30 AM affairs, which seem to happen almost every other day.

Here’s some quick specs:
6WD drop center
Custom 3-CIM two-speed dog shifting transmission, geared for 17 ft/sec and 7 ft/sec
Auto shifting code
Spring loaded launcher shoots from 7-17 feet away.
Ratcheting choo-choo mechanism driven by two Mini CIMs at 61:1. Resets in <1sec.
Truss toss and self-catch
Rear intake driven by two BaneBots 550 motors.
Soft ground eject for passing.
Two ball autonomous.
Can shove Code Orange around, even with their drop down ca…whoops. :wink:

With everything we wanted on it, it came out to 124.3 lbs. We may ditch the side wings in favor of keeping the 6-CIM drive.

Oh, and there’s one last thing I should mention. The robot in the photo is actually our practice bot. We would never use blue tubing on a comp bot. :smiley:

That is an absolutely beautiful robot.

Stunning! And that is your practice bot? So nice!

I am bummed that we will not get to see this bot at a regional this year. Good luck!

That’s one nice looking practice bot.

This is an incredibly beautiful machine. The attention to detail is something that west coast teams are setting the standard for, simply stunning. I cannot wait to see this bot in action at CVR!


Nice robot Dave. Looks really cool. Can’t wait to see in person. Sorry, we missed you guys at Code Orange’s place. We should all try to get together for practice after you two finish your 1st regionals.

Good Luck in Madera.

Keyboard warning, drool inevitable.

Wow beautiful powder coat job on the robot. Was that sent out to get down or did one of the students do that? If they did they are very talented. Good Luck

Dave and company,

The robot looks great! Keep up the great work!!

Wow! What a beautiful machine. This year more than in years past teams really have stepped up the look of their machines. This one is one of the best, good luck this year.

That is a gorgeous robot! Well done. Can’t wait to see it compete.

This is great! I am really impressed by the amount of detail and care you put in, even though this just a practice bot. I have no doubt that your competition version is even more well built. I am also impressed by the the quality of this photo, some of the parts look just like a high quality render.

Just. Wow.
Those panels at the top look like solar panels, does that mean that your robot is solar powered? haha

I have to say, I absolutely love the system you came up with to give you 3 different positions for your pickup arm. It’s so simple yet extremely effective. Definitely something I’m throwing in my back pocket for future games.

I agree. It looks like some sort of space probe. The reflective white paint really brings it home. The thing that would complete it is a big NASA logo painted on the side.:cool:

If you look closely on the front panel, you will see a NASA logo.

I like your use of solar panels. Very environmentally friendly
:yikes: :deadhorse: