pic: Team 70 Robot

Team 70 at St. Louis Regional with ball in hand heading down the straight.

Looks great guys!

hope to see you at Detroit :smiley:

Thanks!:slight_smile: We had a lot of fun in St. Louis and the robot worked well.

Unfortunately we won’t be at the Detroit Regional, but we will be at the Great Lakes and West Michigan Regionals.

Good Luck in Detroit!:smiley:

That really looks good guys, Good Luck at West Michigan!!:smiley: :cool:

Thanks but sadly we aren’t going to the West Michigan Regionals…:frowning: but instead we’re going out to Toronto. Good luck at Great Lakes and West Michigan

Possibly we’ll see each other at Atlanta? lol
Oh and have you checked out our robot yet? Lets just say mmm Carbon Fiber :smiley:

70 and 494 were fun robots to watch. The claws are large, effective, and apparently repairable, too. One got dragged for a while in St. Louis, but reappeared later, ready to go.

Anyone else notice that the referee in the background is Andy Baker? The picture must have been taken sometime after 2pm Friday, because Andy was busy with other responsibilities before that.


Good eyes! I saw that in the pic too and thought the same thing, but dismissed it as a double:ahh: Is that possible?:wink: OMG 2 Andy Bakers!:eek: I saw Andy earlier in the day and he was not in a ref outfit! Hmm?

As far as Team 70 dragging it’s claw around the field there is a pic in the photo section you can view! We did get her fixed up nicely and running for the next match! Take care!

Any kind of crazy transmission this year guys? I remember you all showing us a CVT a while back…


Richard I saw that too. I didn’t know he put on the stripes last week.

Looks like match 36.

Frank asked me to hop in as a ref, as one of the refs had to leave at 2pm on Friday. Since I’m “certified”, they didn’t have to train another person. By Friday afternoon, many of the drivers got used to the way things were being called, and not too many “breaking the plane” actions were happening.

This was good for me, as I will be the head ref at this weekend’s Michigan Rookie event and then at the FRC Oklahoma City Regional during week 4.

Back to the subject of this thread…

Teams 70 and 494 have very nice machines this year. Their intake roller on their ball claw is impressive, but not as impressive as their abilities in hybrid mode. The scary thing is that these machines will only get better as the season progresses.


No trans this year. We have built what we call a motor box that we mount our motors and victors on. This makes for a very clean and nice looking machine. In the past we have used 4 sims and 2 FP motors for our drive, this year we are using only 4 sims. The FP’s are driving our 4 bar linkage. Also new this year is a 6 wheel drive (3 per side) with a serpentine chain drive with chain tensioner. Works very nicely! The center wheels are lowered a tad bit for easy maneuvering.:slight_smile: