pic: Team 701 Presents: Mjölnir

Here is our robot for the 2018 season!

See you in Sac.

Team 701 is very proud to present our 18th creation, “Mjölnir”.

Drive Train: Custom 6 wheel WCD with 4 inch omnis in the corners and 4 ich colsons in the center.
Custom single stage drive gearbox that uses 2 mini cims and is geared for 10 fps.

Intake: Double horizontal roller
Top Roller: 2 inch surgical tubing roller
Bottom Roller: a row of the 35a Andymark Compliant Wheels

Custom ballshifter that pulls back 4 13 pound springs and shifts to an empty stage releasing all the force of the springs.

Climber: custom worm gearbox with a total reduction of 180:1 on 1 775 pro gives us about a 3 second climb.

Mjölnir will be dropping the hammer at the Arkansas Rock City and Sacramento regionals. Catch us there!

Neat looking machine! We look forward to meeting you guys in Arkansas.

This year it seems we went in entirely different directions, our two teams. I really like it, and I’ll keep saying that I hope to play with y’all again some day.

If the Regional schedules work out, I’d love to come out to Colorado again!

What a great looking robot! I love what you guys have been building the past few years.
Can’t wait to see this in person at Rock city. Stop by the Ninja Munkee Pit and say hi!

You realize I have to call this robot meow meow right?