pic: Team 701's Intake Teaser

Here is one of the intake assemblies on our practice robot.

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Greetings from 2169!

I was just wondering where you sourced those miter gears? We need some with a 1/2 inch hex bore but cannot seem to find them.


They look like these:


Here’s our hilariously sketchy solution*.

It actually works much better than I expected for low loads.

Link here due to massive photo.

*not for the feint of heart

Looking good, Frank. Can’t wait to see it out at CVR. Curious though - what is the need for the 90 degree angle mounting for the planetary? Seems a little overkill for an intake.

We ran into some vertical clearance for the elevator grabber ourselves while figuring out our versaplenetary mounting. IT’s not easy to find a way to tranfer power from the versaplnetary output to the wheel while keeping things short. I considered bevel gears but dropped it due to machining issues.

Yep… As Asid61 said, it’s a clearance issue for us. Keeps it simple.

The Bevel gears are just standard Martin Gears off of McMaster. We cut the hubs off of them and broached a 1/2" hex bore in them. Put the whole assembly on some polycarb to be flexible going over the scoring platform or when we run into stuff. Seems to be holding up well so far.

I died a little inside.

It’s so crazy it just might be what we need. We are having clearance issues as stated by others, and miter gears are outside of our machine capability. Thanks for the idea! I’ll post an update.

If both our teams qualify for champs we need a picture with our sketchy intakes :slight_smile: