pic: Team 703 Phoenix 2014

Thought it was about time to get a good picture of our finished 2014 robot: “Phoenix VI”.

Here’s a few specs:

[u]Drive System[/u]

  • 12 Wheel Tank Drive
  • Two VexPro 3CIM Ball Shifters w/ 2 CIMs and 1 MiniCIM each
  • 3.25fps low gear, 12.5fps high gear


  • Pneumatically actuated, Top rolling collector
  • Powered by a MiniCIM on a 10:1 VexPro VersaPlanetary
  • Driver toggle-able indicator (decoration) lights to signal human player for ball loading
  • Side Shields prevent ball from bouncing out the side of the robot

[u]Ball “Cannon”[/u]

  • Team JVN-Style catapult
  • “Choo-Choo” style pullback mechanism
  • One-Way bearing to prevent back-driving
  • Shoots from under the truss or mid red/blue zone (it could make high goals from behind the truss if the rules allowed it before we de-tensioned it a bit)

Video will be available here: