pic: Team 703 Phoenix 2016

Our 2016 robot for FIRST Stronghold: “Phoenix VIII”.

A few specs:

[u]Drive System[/u]

  • 14 Wheel Tank Drive
  • Two VexPro 3CIM Ball Shifters w/ 2 CIMs each
  • 3.25fps low gear, 12.5fps high gear

[u]Collector / Feed System[/u]

  • Actuated by a BAG motor on a 300:1 VexPro VersaPlanetary
    • Uses a combination of limit switches and a Potentiometer to limit and control travel
  • Rollers driven by a single 775pro motor on a 30:1 VexPro VersaPlanetary
  • Can actuate the Portcullis and Cheval de Frise
  • Reversible to allow for low goals
  • Front-facing camera to assist with visibility and ball collection

[u]Ball Shooter[/u]

  • 6in dia, 2in wide flywheel with roughtop tread
  • Powered by 2 775Pro motors on a 3:1 VexPro VersaPlanetary gearbox
    • 0 to 6000rpm in ~3 seconds
  • Pneumatically-actuated shot adjustment allows for two different shot angles
  • Shoots High-goals from against the tower walls or the edge of the batter

Additional photos available here:

Video will be available here: