pic: Team 703 Phoenix

The robot has a awesome drive system, great power and traction. It can lift a tetra about 8 feet in the air.

What are you doing Joe? You gave away our secret tetra holding design!


i dont think he gave the “secret tetra holding design” away because i can’t figure it out at all. It looks pretty cool though. good luck.

it looks like those two lexan bent peices are their grabber…ingenious if you ask me…simple…sweet!

That is one shweeet robot. The drive train looks shweeet. Tank Threads are awesome. Were they from Brecoflex?

The two smoked color lexan pieces are at just the right angle to catch two pipes on the front face of the auto load tetras. we drive up so those two pieces are inside the tetra and lift the lift mechanism. The tetra gets wedged between the lexan pieces and the lift mechanism and gets held very securely. We’re pretty proud of the design.

sounds good guys good luck.