pic: Team 703 Robot at GTR

I figured since the only pictures of our robot that had been uploaded here was of it in its unfinished state, so heres one of it in its finished state at the Greater Toronto Regional.

I loved your robot design! The carbon fiber forks were an awesome design choice. Too bad your transmission died out, you guys would have gone really far!

What a truly amazing robot! Even more importantly, what a truly amazing team. The letter that 703 sent out to all the teams at the GTR informing them of their technical issues was one of the classiest things I’ve witnessed in FIRST.

This robot was a “Polar Bear Award” winner at the GTR too I believe!

Thanks, we’re very happy with how the robot has done in general this year, unfortunately nothing is flawless, but we’ve learned from our mistakes and have made fixes and modifications for Atlanta.

After we replace those pesky gears that broke (Which we will have extras of this time), we plan on adjusting the the gear ratios on our transmission to give our high gear 150% better speed, and the low gear will be set to that of the previous high gear.

We’re also hoping a modification of our lift system will give us better extend and retract speed then we have previously. Who knows, we might even get our IR board on, weight permitting of course, but then again, thats what hole saws are for. :smiley:

It was very unfornate that you guys were out for elims at GTR!! Getting that letter, I was like “awww… man… there goes that alliance…”

Good luck in Atlanta!!

awesome bot again this year loved working with you guys in '06, really too bad you had the drive problems at GTR would have been a top pick. Good luck in Atlanta, I’m sure you guys will make some noise there.

If I was a bottom alliance captain and they were still not chosen, I would have easily picked them up. They looked good with what they had!

I would have taken them at 5 or 6, once the top teams were all gone I would have taken the chance.

Great lookin’ bot…and only 10 wheels this time (unless my eyes deceive me)! Wish we could have made it up there as well.

Good luck to all our fellow Delphi teams in Atlanta!! See you there!!

Yup, only 10 wheels, we needed the weight this year so we went with 10 IFI wheels on chains instead of gears. The center wheel is directly driven through a hex shaft, and all of the other wheels are connected from that. :slight_smile:

Great robot 703! I love the carbon fiber!

Looking Forward to seeing you guys in Atlanta!