pic: team 710 in the paper

After winning the Johnson & Johnson sportmanship award the local paper wanted to do a article on us, because our schools have the biggest rivarly in like south florida

How many rival schools are together on one robotics team?

We are.

Mira Costa High School and Redondo Union High School are rivals on the football playing field, and teammates on the robotic team. We hope that at a game we’ll have built a small robot carrying the ball and racing across the field. Our former superintendents said they’d chase after it.


862 has 5 schools 3 public and 2 private. Canton, Salem, and Plymouth ( the three public schools) are all located on one 305 acre campus makeing up the Plymouth-Canton Educational Park (P-CEP). So that makes for some school rivalry. Then add in the fact Canton and Salem have been rivals for 30 years or so before they opened Plymouth last year. So there is plenty of rivalry between each schools sport teams but all three share all the clubs, the marching band and of course the Robotics team.

ya there are alot of school rivarlies and let me tell about ares. WE have been at each other for decades like absolutely hate each other and woudlnt even talk to each other. about 4 years ago we cut down there senior tree, not only was it just a tree it was endangered species and the tree was worth $30,000. The tree was planted when the school was built. There has been countless things between the two schools each school is always the target for senior pranks. and just for these two schools to be talkign its amazing.