pic: Team 716 Accessible Design

This year, we decided that we would actually like to be able to reach inside the robot so that we could fix it. So, we decided to put our ball hopper on hinges, so it would be very easy to have access to the inner parts of the robot.

Isn’t ironic that, the first year we have ever tried to make life easy on the pit crew, we have not had a single major problem to repair so far?


What the clearance between the drive motors and the rear wheels?

Don’t you just hate that. When its easy nothing goes wrong, but when its hard someting always goes wrong. Simple design = everything works :slight_smile: , Complex design = fix the robot after every match. :mad:

It would be a pleasure to inspect this bot at Philly. It makes my job a whole lot easier too. Great looking bot, good luck at Philly.

Well, I don’t have an exact measurement, but here is a picture of the robot during an earlier stage of the build period. Perhaps it will help clarify your question:


Sweet design and all. have to love the access to work on the robot. nice going!

OK, cool. Yeah it looked very close in the other picture, but now I can see its like 1-1 1/2 inches. Still wouldn’t want to take a hit to one of the motors. I’m really digging the wiring job. :smiley:

Thanks! That is probably the first compliment our team has ever gotten for our wiring job. In the past, it has been notoriously messy and inaccessible. This year it was tough because of space limitations in our robot, but our overall awareness of accessibility this year helped us improve it!

Also, for the most part, the frame of the hopper bin protects the motors. Also, since both of the pictures were taken, we added additional lexan shielding to the sides of the robot. So far, there haven’t been any problems. :slight_smile:

You can see in the second picture that the tires are pretty worn out. This is an earlier picture when Skyway was back ordered. We used wheels from 2003 that were custom ground by the cheese grater that was called the ramp. When we put on the new tires, we had to move the wheels back one slot for clearance on the motors.