pic: Team 716 Brainstorming

On January 8th, Team 716 held their kickoff meeting in room 126 from 12 PM to 6 PM. We accomplished the following:

  • Discussed and made sure everyone understood the game rules.
  • Created a decision matrix to analyze, compare, and contrast different scoring methods, in terms of their risk factor and potential.
  • Discussed and brainstormed autonomous strategy as a group.
  • Broke into two groups(pictured here) to brainstorm strategies for the offensive and defensive periods of the game, then present to the entire team afterwards.
  • Synthesized our strategy and came up with several different plans.
  • Brainstormed the robot characteristics required to play the game according to those strategies and ranked them according to importance.

I am going to be taking notes and carefully documenting each team meeting and the brainstorming and design process we use to come up with our strategies and designs. This will be useful to me when I mentor a team of my own someday, plus it may eventually be publishable as a white paper (along with a white paper I have been threatening to do about Lego League team organization). Also, it would increase our chances at getting published in the book describing 30 different 2006 FIRST robots this year… and it would be an awesome highlight to my senior year if we were to get published! (So I am now going to be very picky about taking notes and lots of pictures. I apologize in advance for blinding everyone with the camera flash :p)