pic: Team 716 Final Robot

This is a picture of our robot, during week five of build season. This is pretty much what the robot looks like today (except that the screens are now fastened much more securely). We finished a week early this year, which was lucky. This allowed our drivers to get much needed practice, and to work out any kinks in the mechanical systems of the robot. So far, we haven't had to fix any major problems, so it appears that our practice/tweaking was well worth the effort!

On a side note, and somewhat of a caveat to other teams -

If you look closely, you will see that our lettering and numbering was done in green on a chrome background. During the inspection at the UTC regional, the judges asked us to color in the chrome part because they thought it was a potential cause of interference to the vision systems. So, be careful of using reflective materials on your robot. The inspectors may ask you to grab your sharpies and get to work!