pic: Team 716 Teaser


We’re done. Sometimes big things come in small packages.

I know this is probably just a model of your robot idea but I was wondering if anyone is really considering a robot the size of an RC car. Think of it, you could maneuver very well and go ludacris speeds.

We are working on a robot as small as we can for the speed and maneuverability. However there is not a chance it will be as small as and RC car. Unless it is a very big RC car the control modules and victors would not fit in the area. So far are robot is going to be about 20"x20" which is as small as we have been able to fit 4 motors, 4 mecanum wheels and the requires control equipment.

You’ll have a hard time mounting a 15 lbs battery on a rc sized car.

One of our mentors is toying with the idea of making a tiny speed bot just for fun.
He’s thinking just mounting the battery on top of 2 FP motors connected to a simple 4 wheel train. Then have the RC on top of the battery with 2 spikes to control the motors.

“I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, …” – The Little Engine That Could

even by scale your grabber is no where near big enough, remeber the ball is bigger then the robot’s longest horizontal length (easy way to do scale, w/o ruler)

Wow… so 716 is doing treads this year!? Good luck! :]

an armored tank with an arm to pick up the ball and go fast? o_O


i like it. bring it to the Big first BBQ

we thought that an RC car would probably stack up a lot of points, but it might not be the objective of FIRST since students won’t get to learn as much during the building process. So for us, we are completing as many task as we count again!