pic: Team 719's NASA/VCU Overdrive Simulation World Champions

Lockheed Martin brought a 6-player simulation of Overdrive to the Technology Row exhibit space FIRST created for the the NASA/VCU FRC Regional. In this pic, Team 719’s World Champion alliance of Cavaliers intently use their XBox360 controllers to guide their virtual robots and trackballs through the field shown on their 20" LCD flat panels. Their high score was a whopping 198!

The 1885 Robocats, the 2483 Clawbots, and several other teams were right on the Cavaliers’ heels!

We hope you all enjoyed the simulation (game…) and Dave, Cheryl, Ida, Jeff, Emily and I all enjoyed being your hosts, and we hope (no promises… yet) to be able to bring an updated version (simulating next year’s game) to next year’s Regional.


ooooh, will the rest of us get a shot at that game? (Ie, having it hosted somewhere where we can download it?)

I want to play :slight_smile:

We aren’t sure exactly what we will be doing next. Rest assured, the programmers will continue to build the engine, so if we don’t get an offering to the public this year we’ll have something to show at the VCU regional next year. Past that, its all speculation.

It depends on the support we get from the First organization, fans, etc. There seemed to be a lot of interest at the regional this time around, so that’s a good sign. There were very few times we didn’t have 6 players driving one of three robots around the field, and had quite a few repeat customers such as those shown in this picture.


Will this be at the championship? It looks awesome! Are those the robots from the game animation? Or did you mimic popular designs from this season?

Completely unknown - See Dave’s reply to the earlier questions…


Dave’s artwork was inspired by the game animation. The capabilities of the simulation robots were a mix of speed/turning, ball carrying, ball launching/throwing, and ball lifting, plus a handful of related parameters.


Sweet! I hope those are the robot designs that are always in the game animation… always wanted to build that one with the impossible arm (picked a robot up with ease in 2007, reached half way accross the field in 2008).

Where else is this making an appearance?


correct me if i’m wrong, but i dont think there was a robot that put the ball into the goal with an arm. there was one that could kick the ball though…

You’re right, my mistake. The arm robot in that year held balls to kick, it didn’t directly place the balls into the goal.


Wish we knew. There was some interest to have it at a later regional, the finals, or even at a Nascar event, but all of that depends on what level of sponsorship we receive.

It ain’t cheap to pack up two 40" plasma screens, 8 laptops, 6 20" monitors, and the team members to run it :). I’m sure more info will be forthcoming.

I might be goin a little far with this but i have to say this we be a really cool game if it were online. Have like…online regionals…be a little weird w/ only 6 different robots but it’d still be pretty amazing.

One word: AWESOME!!!

Every Single guy in this picture is on my team.

Make sure to congratulate them. They were incredible!

They had stiff competition. The high score went back and forth several times.


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A link to a YouTube video of the Overdrive simulation is available in the first post in this thread:

The specific message containing the link is here:


Links to "Mechanical"s game/simulation of Overdrive can be found here http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=67439

He used the Flash graphics utilities to create his.



As these simulation threads pop up I am trying to keep track of them and supply us all a road map of URLs that will let us pool our talents when/if we ever want to do that. Here is my list so far:


Hey Team 719 Cavaliers - I think a line has been drawn in the sand. IRI 5th Gear virtual Overdrive Champions :wink:

When can we get you guys and Wildstang into the same place for a title bout?