pic: Team 73 2007

Here’s a video file of the robot in action in Penfield

hmmm. looks good greg.

I love that thing it works great and it was a great build season :slight_smile:

We were happy to have you guys around, We wish you the best of luck at FLR.

It was an honor to work with you guys. I hope that you have a very sucessful year!

Matt Starke

p.s. I hope your frame holds up :yikes:

Looks great you guys…cant wait to see it and good luck!

Thanks for all the encouragement guys, alot of you know the issues we were faced with this year and appreciate all the help we were given by the other local teams. See you all in a couple weeks.

Greg, can you tell us a bit about your elevator and wrist setup? The elevator looks like a continuous cable pulling on 3 stages. Fabrication seems to be box aluminum with some custom bearings?

The wrist (shown in your previous teaser :slight_smile: ) looks like it’s driven off a globe, with a 3 or 4:1 ratio? I’m also assuming that the elbow is powered on a pneumatic, though I can’t see anything from the picture.

If you put a little orange on that 'bot, I’d say that you copied our design. Or, if our’s was blue, vice-versa! Excellent looking 'bot, I hope to get a chance to watch it this year!


Ben you are close… but I will enlighten you further. The elevator is 45mm Bosch extrusion which is a cascading cable system with the first stage driven by chain (there are actually 6 different cable sections which enable driven motion up and down). The end effector has a wrist (yes that was the teaser) driven by a globe motor on a ~3:1 reduction via chain over a dead axle. The 90 deg rotation of the arm upwards is driven by a globe motor directly driving the axle of the gripper. The grabbing mechanism is driven by a pneumatic cylinder completely mounted within the gripper. All in all it gives us 4 axis of motion on the arm and 5 degrees of freedom when you count the drive train.

These are some other photos of the mechanism from a week or so before ship but it will give a better view of the arm.


As Greg said thank you all for the encouragment and thanks especially to our fav teams the G.R.R twins thanks much to every one…Jared “Jade” Walker