pic: team 73 teaser

sorry it isn't the best pic but it was taken with my camera phone and looks a bit distorted but you get the idea

Congrats! I think this is the first posted picture of a cap.

But Yikes! Aren’t you afraid of that arm snapping?

Aren’t you also afraid of tipping, that arm goes pretty high on a large angle

I think the threat of tipping is going to be very real for most robots this year.

Nice. That isnt autonomous is it? I dont see the yellow triangle so unless you are using dead reckoning of some sort it must not be.

Does it actually cap or did you just extend an arm to make it look like it capped it. It seems very hard to believe that arm could extend like that to cap with a tetra at that angle.

OK i have to come clean about this photo…that is our arm but we did just put it there, not to deceive people but to give a size reference.

yes tipping is one of our concerns but we have a few tricks up our sleeves.

*note, you can not see the whole arm in this picture and we still have some modifications to do to it but that center goal should be well within our reach.

Okay, here is my logic. Of the two types of tipping, tipping resultant of combat and tipping resultant of poor design, the former of the two cannot be an issue for everyone. My reasoning is that no one with tipping issues is going to try to tip someone else, so you only have to be better than the next guy.