pic: Team 75 cutting equipment

Here is Team 75’s extremely high-tech, and extremely expensive cutting equipment

woah! what kind of accuracy do you get? like 1/1000 of an inch? 600 hp i guess… nice cutting device. :slight_smile:

It’s pretty high-tech, really. Have you ever made a flint spearhead?

oooo a seashell

Now there’s an idea: a Tool. All these years we at 103 have been going out into the 8020 aluminums (can’t exactly call it the “woods” now, can we?) to gather pieces which were the right lengths. I bet if we had one of your tools, we could, er… um… make parts the right size!

we actually get around 1000 hp we modified it to use a gas engine from a souped up Shelby cobra and its more like 1/10000 of an inch its very accurate and yes i have made a flint spear head :smiley:

For all those planets that have lifeforms that have yet to advance in technology:

The key is to bang the rocks together, guys.

For all those machinists out there who have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on five-axis CNC machines, I laugh at you! The answer has been lying beneath the soil since the beginning of time. We are able to get amazingly low tolerances on high grade 7000 series aluminum…

Ok, in all seriousness we use a 3 axis CNC machine, manual lathe and at times a manual Bridgeport. Please excuse my friend and his…“creativity”.


thank you andrew :smiley: