pic: Team 753 04 trackdrive

This is picture 04 trackdrive that team 753 used even with drill motors
this robot was awsome anyone with doubts can watch watch arcived
footage from Sacremento & Portland sorry I don’t have the links

does anyone know where i could find those videos? i am interested in seeing this drive in action!


where about’s?

i always have trouble with that site to see archives of past regionals.


I never noticed this in the picture before, but that is a nice CNC mill you got there. :ahh:

http://robotics.nasa.gov/events/webcasts/regionals_2006.php Davis regional has lots of footage of 753.

Watch videos qf2-1 to qf2-3 (shows 753 playing some good D)

Its not 2004, but its still just as impressive.

If you are interested in this design, I highly recommend contacting Sam Shawe at OutBack Manufacturing.

Thanks guys, yea, UC Davis was great!

If you want video footage, please send me a request…The team should have some…