pic: Team 753 Arm

Some students working with our arm. We have full encoders with accuracy to 1/16 of an inch!

I love you guys! At what time was this pic taken?
Are you leaving town, or staying in Bend?
More pics please(Close ups and better grabber pics)!

how is it going to close?

What? The grabber?
Its got suction-cups so it will pick the ringers up by those means
The lower bar is a “focuser” for making sure its “pinpointed”

Sorry about the confusion (Jake, you can’t write.).

The “arm” is a forklift, which uses a two-stage rack and pinion system to lift first an arm extension and second a trolley with a grabber. Each of the two parts is powered by a separate RS-540. With a tilter mechanism to reach those last few inches, this forklift will be able to hit all three levels with aplomb, and with both motors running can move up and down at 30 inches per second.

The sweetest thing is that the whole works starts out folded back to a hair under 4’ so we can still stay in the 120 pound weight class.


Pretty sweet guys. Nice job

I can’z spell good! urg…
Great job guys (Free college is almost as cool)