pic: Team 759 CAD pic (almost finished)

That is a pretty creative tetra manipulator. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it works something like a lead screw to push or pull the tetras on and off with the pinkish stuff being some sort of high friction material wrapped around the pipe.

What a pretty robot. I wish my robot was the colorful!

Nice Job, i was wondering where you got the IFI-Breaker from, that is the only part that i dont have done for our submission.


That would be me. email me at jdiwnab at gmail for it.

On another note: HELP WITH WIRING!
You did a great job on wiring, but it doesn’t work for me. Inventor gets mad at me for anything with wiring except for the default wire in a stright path. It won’t let me make segment or route the wire, nor use any other wire except the red default wire (not even black). it says “Serious Error Decteted. If this happens repeatidly, restart the command and try again.” I do so and it tells me to restart the command again, and again, and again. I search CD and someone said there might be a problem with Windows XP SP2, but the link to help didn’t work anymore.

I’m having some of the same problems, i cant get it to work either, i downloaded the first service pack from autodesk. It worked again for about 10 minutes then died. I have herd that it is some security feature on sp2 that is the root of the problem, so i am going to try and unstall and see if it works.



Its times like these when Im glad I managed to uninstall sp2 after it crashed my computer (i had to go to dos and uninstall it from ther, owch)

However It has still crashed a couple of times randomly (once I hadnt saved for ages and lost everything :mad: ) however this could be to do with the wiring as it hadnt crashed on my computer previously. One thing I ant work out how to do thogh is do the chains (fortunately my team was kind enough to put chain protecters on the robot so It doesnt look bad without them :slight_smile: but I still hate them for all the weird and wonderful angles they designed into the robot :mad: (I know it will make it stronger but still)) but i would still like to be able to draw them.

And the tetra grabbing bit is a piece of pvc pipe cut in a spiral shape wrapped round another so the edge pushes it forward or back. The red stuf is just tape there to make it look pretty (the warning stripes however are there to stop people picking the robot up by that rather weak part)