pic: Team 759's Robot

This photo was taken just before ship date. We were running it around and picking up tetras from a loading station and putting them on other tetras,

Nice looking robot.
It appears that the candy-stripe “probe” is a worm drive to deliver the tetra. Is that how it works?

Yep. That’s about it. :slight_smile: “Candy stripe”… chuckles …yeah, I suppose that ain’t a bad description.


For any that want to see our inventor entry, (with pics of the cad and real robot) is up (one whole hour before the deadline, and its midnight over here) at


I really think it’s cool. Nice visual touch. I’m looking forwarding to seeing some video of it in action. How fast is the rotation and can you control the speed?

Hehe, you reminded me of that song “Candy Shop” You should make it your team song. :smiley:

Right some stats:

Weight : Unknown(rather ,i dont know)
Size: Fits in the box by a few inches or so
Features: A secret weapon which is hidden by the polycarb covering… (hint: Greatly enhances manoverability.)
Lifter which has a rotating “Proboscis” (no idea why its called that) which is powered by a fp motor.
CIM with Kitbot gearboxes, with different sprocket on outside
Lifter arm powered by another CIM on a 3rd Kitbox gearbox
Frame : 1/4 inch box **Steel **(its a 759 tradition)

Any Questions, please ask and i’ll try to reply asap