pic: Team 781 - "Big Bruce C" Hanging CR - 1

Is this sweet or what?

ill go with “or what?” Whats so funny? i don’t get it.

definetly sweet. that is one of my favorite 'bots. well made, and well designed.

I dont think it was ment to be funny, I think the person who posted the pic just wanted to know if you(general populous of CD.com) thought team 781’s robot was sweet or not, I think its pretty sweet, nice design, great colors and pretty awsome wheels, Keep up the good work Team 781

Team 781’s robot doesn’t only look sweet, but runs amazingly too. They hung quickly and consistantly in almost every match of the Canadian Regional elims, and as a result, Alliance #13 of 296, 781 and 1109 made it to the semis.

Great job, 781, and your robot is now forever one of my favorites.

since we saw a picture earlier in the year I wanted to see that bot in action!!! haha we figured it would drive right over low robots… hahaha I DIDN’T GET TO SEE IT!!! I’ll check soap.com haha…


Thanks for the compliments and all, guys. But take a good look at that bar. We weren’t on by our hooks. We were stuck on by the flimsy hands we had made to grip the ball. Fresh underwear was in high demand after that match.

thats sick. orange is an awesome colour, especially ur rims.

Sick as in my bad underwear joke? Or sick as in almost killing our bot?