pic: Team 79 Drive Team


This is the Team Krunch drive team after the 2nd place finish in the 2009 Florida Regional. From left to right… Alex S (Coach), Captain Krunch 12 (Amazing robot), Bryan G (1st Driver), Michelle H (2nd Driver)

Good job guys

you guys really did amazingly this weekend especially in eliminations. good job on a great bot.

haaa… i lovee howw will is like stalking in the backround!
Michelleyy Bellyy is so cute.
Same with Alex… and I guess you B-ry :slight_smile: aha

From what I caught on the webcast that is one heck of a nice machine and an amazing set of driver’s running it.

Hopefully we end up with you more than against you when you treck up here to MN.

This picture was taken when UCF security wouldn’t let them go back to the pits, yet they couldn’t taken the alternate route since the beam with lights were blocking the entrance. So to make the most of it, they decided to take a picture while they waited for an exit strategy.

Alex, you and your alliance played one heck of a match. You guys will do well in Minnesota. Best of luck.

That was one heck of a robot. Congrats on all of your success this year!

no human players cough harrison. And it was really fun strategizing with Alex when he came to me and Bob and we all would blurt out our strategy for the next match and decide within about 10 seconds. (usually it was unanimous though. E.g. 1251 shut down 25; dodge 103, ok now go tell them) It was great to hear how both you and our strategist Bob’s mind worked considering this was my first regional.

We also agreed that your robot was one of hte best looking at the event.

hey! thats our mentor Dave walking in the backround lol:ahh:

Now you can’t forget Ryan (our other human player) . Oh and that cute(so I’m told from people on my team) scouting captain.Ha. Just kidding. Our teams worked amazing together!!

I never met Ryan, but me and Harrison were in the same boat all of eliminations. We switched of being human player/ arm driver. We both stoped driving in elims and we were scouting/strategizing when we didn’t have a match. And I’ve been told that scouting captain’s a creep and that their thinking of kicking her off of the team. jk.

Woahh Theree!! thats just too far!!! If they kicked me off…I don’t think anyone would do as much as I do for scouting!

Easily one of the scariest groups of people at the Florida Regional. :smiley:

You guys rocked it at Florida regional good luck in Minnesota! 79 is a model team everyone should talk to them and ask a lot of questions they have lots of good people.