pic: Team 79 Summer Project Electronics Board

This is the render of the electronics board for our reconstruction of Krunch 3 into a T Shirt Shooting Robot. All of the wire goes underneath the bottom of the board. The breaker panel is underneath this board.

Just a tip from me if you put the wires through the board like that make holes much larger than the connector on the wire, i’ve had a board like this on our 08 bot and it was really annoying to replase wires and connectors

thank! thats a VERY VERY good tip. We had that problem in 2007 with our bot. But luckily we didn’t have to replace a lot of things. We just had to remove excessive victors and spikes, so removing those wires were a bit annoying.

where is your controller going to go?

I would recommend a loop in each wire so that you have the ability to remove the connectors to replace defective components. Nice render!

Jeez! everytime i check CD theres always some good advice for free. I can’t believe we didn’t think of that! That totally makes sense because the components ARE pretty old, so we might have to replace them sometime.

Well, believe it or not… all of those components on that board, the breaker panel, AND the controller ALL fit on that board. I hated that because of all the errors we encountered. So i spaced everything out. I’m aiming to place the controller in a protected environment on the top of the robot’s compressor plates that way i can see what its up to, program and access if necessary, and it’ll be safe and covered by lexan.

Don’t forget that the compressor gets hot if it running often. It is best to keep components away from the heat.