pic: Team 79 Summer Project Wiring

This is the breaker panel below the electronics board. I rendered almost all of the wire. the panel that the breaker panel is on opens up to allow access. I noticed some overlapping wire and i didn’t finish the rest of the ground.

This is probably the nicest wiring I’ve ever seen in a render.

How did you do the wiring in Inventor? We have been trying to figure it out and we are having problems.


Mr. Hurlburt
TALON 540 Lead Mentor

On the left go down to create harness (#10), set what you want the name and location to be. Select create segment (#4), click on the first crimp and points to the end point. Right click, finish.

For a little bit more detail Drakan290 made a excellent how to guide


Thanks! I appreciate that. :slight_smile: I have always wanted to render the actual wiring of the robot in all of our CAD files. We just have the mechanical aspects of it and MAYBE we add a few electrical components. But I figured to try it, and I have the whole summer to perfect it. I’ll hopefully finish the whole robot in a week or two. Then i’ll shoot for wiring out older robots starting with our 2009 bot CK12.