pic: Team 79 Teaser #1

Can you guess what our design team has been up to?

Yes, I think I can. And it looks like it’s going to be a really neat robot.

This raises an interesting question - are bumpers legal outside the bumper zone? If so, is contact there penalized?

I would say that bumpers are legal, but they aren’t BUMPERS. You don’t get any extra weight or volume for having them.

They are a fabricated item, so it’s kind of hard to ban them without a rule against them.

Of course, the safest route is Q&A.

Technically, there are no rules that prevent you from making a structure that is identical to a BUMPER and putting somewhere on your robot other than in the BUMPER ZONE. Though before you get all excited, I’m pretty sure it’d have to be included in the size & weight measurements, and also could not be the first point of contact during an impact. The rules clearly state that it is the intent that a BUMPER be the first contact with a wall or another robot (i.e. in the bumper zone) and that outside of the BUMPER ZONE contact is prohibited…even if it’s with another bumper-like mechanism.

To pad the delicate items up top we’re using a sturdy lightweight (and replacable) foam. This is for the instances where we hit a wall too hard and the top of the robot tips a bit and smacks into it.

But back to 79’s teaser – not enough info to tell really. It can’t be a shooter since those are KOP wheels, and on the same note that wouldn’t work as-is for the intake. Whatever it is, we’ll see it in Florida :cool:

it looks cool, but im not entirely sure if that is going horizontally or vertically.

I thought the same thing. You’d have to articulate one of the two. My guess is that it’s opposite sides of the drive; one has been turned upside-down.

And there’s nothing saying that the rover wheels can’t be used in places other than the drive.

My eyes spy…

Helical Hopper system based on the amount that each ball is raised between them.

And a zero-spin shooting device.

Cool concept!

From being the one who designed this… I can assure you… the manipulator does not have rover wheels. They just look similar… :smiley:

And of course I couldnt allow you to see the actual components!!! luckily… the bumpers come in handy as a quick cover up…

From being the one who co-planned this teaser I agree with the post above…

So keep guessing guys!:smiley:

its going to awsome is all i know!

ill see you guys at florida, and the championships?

We hope. This year we challenged our team to qualify.


we just confirmed our registration!!!

its going to be so cooooool i cant wait:D

but first we have to build our robot…