pic: Team 79 Teaser's

Just doing some cosmetic work

Ugh, that wiring though. I’m going to enjoy making fun of Tom if that’s the final wiring job.

Looks terrific… however, not sure those numbers satisfy numbering requirements, so you might need to have others as well, (maybe you already know this and do have others.)

Need to be black on white (not black on transparent) and 1" of white all around the perimeter of the black number set.

Neat looking numbers, but unfortunately they do not meet the number display rules to my best judgement, so unfortunately you’ll need additional numbers to meet the requirements.

Hope this helps!


You should consider removing those wooden blocks from the underside of your frame so that wheels have greater friction with the floor-- It will improve your drive velocity tremendously :slight_smile:

That looks awesome! We are looking forward to seeing you guys in a few short weeks!

Can’t tell because of the lights, but I wonder if the plastic background were frosted white(which it might be) would it satisfy the requirements. Because when off it would be white. Not sure if it has enough of a border.

Maybe they have a number that meets the requirement that isn’t shown in this teaser photo… If not, I suggest that they remedy that before inspection.

It’s really not out of the realm of possibility to make plates that show an actual team’s logo at a size as big or larger than the official numbering requirements, as well as meeting the required numbering system. I have heard some teams are doing that and it wouldn’t really surprise me to see robots with giant team logos complemented by number plates as small as legally possible.

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I can’t see any speed controllers in your picture. You can’t just wire the motors directly to the PDB. There are rules about that. ::rtm::
Also, this year’s game features totes, recycling containers, and litter (pool noodles). I don’t see any way for the robot shown in your picture to be able to manipulate these things. Perhaps you might want to design for that.

Gotta look a bit harder, but I spotted some motor controllers.

If you can’t visibly see it in the teaser, it’s not on the robot. Everyone knows that.

I love how the numbers are back-lit!

I’m loving the LED background!

These are just for show, our actual number plates are in regulation

Thanks, but these are just for show we have other plates for that follow regulation

We fixed the wiring today, got electrical to tidy the mess

Also these are sneak peaks, not gonna unveil the final design until the the 15th of February