pic: Team 79's Robot 2010

Here it is :slight_smile:

Awesome…you guys have always been great competitors at UCF and I can’t wait to see this robot in action.

YES! I can’t wait to see this thing in action!

Whoohoo! Krunch Time! Can’t wait to see you guys at Florida!

Great looking robot. It appears sturdy, strong & ready to take on all competitors…how do you achieve that every year?! Looking forward to seeing Captain Krunch play at the UCF arena.


Those treads are pretty.

So basically, our friends KRUNCH will own again. :smiley:

Some details on how our robot works:

-8 wheel drivetrain with IFI wheels and supershifters.

-Window Motor and Surgical tubing powered
-Can kick about 25 feet

-Extension Arm with 3 stages.
-Cim Motor and 2 FP motors power the winch

-Both sides.
-Can have a robot hang on each side

More Surprises to come so make sure you come to our pits to check out our secrets. Looking forward to competing with you all :slight_smile:

What time is it?